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MK 1 Baakline - House for sale in Baakline Shouf, 627sqm, 2 Floors.
MG311 - Luxurious apartment for sale 300sqm 9th floor located in Ain al-tineh.
MG716 - Apartment for sale, Sakiet El Janzir, Price 800,000$, 220 sqm, 5th floor.
MG737 - Luxurious Duplex for rent, 36,000$ Per Year, Ramlet El bayda, 472 sqm,9th and 10th floor.
AMH163 - Rare Apartment for Rent, 1600$ Per Month, Achrafieh, Sioufi, 220 sqm, 7th floor.
AMH407 - Beautiful Open View Apartment For Sale, Price 1,150,000$, 312sqm, 8th Floor.
AMH14 - Apartment for sale in Achrafieh, Sassine, Price 245,000$, 99 sqm, 1st floor.
AMH277 - 350,000$ Apartment For Sale in Achrafieh, 220sqm, -1 Floor.
MG523 - Luxurious apartment for rent in Beirut, Ramlet El Bayda area, 450 sqm, 6th floor.

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Featured Properties
Duplex for sale in Badaro, 350 sqm, 8th floor.
REF: NH161
Duplex in Furn El Chebbak
Luxurious duplex for sale, 350 sqm, 8th-9th floor, new, located in Badaro near france emba...
Apartment for sale in Ras El Nabeh, 165 sqm, 8th floor.
REF: NH136
Apartment in Ras El Nabeh
Recent luxurious apartment for sale, beautiful finishing, 165 sqm, 8th floor located in Ra...
New apartment for sale in Tallet El Khayat, 370 sqm, 2nd floor.
REF: M63
Apartment in Tallet El Khayat
The 370 sqm apartment is spacious with around 3.0 m floor to ceiling height. Comprising do...
Luxurious apartment for sale in Mtayleb, 305 sqm, 3rd floor.
Apartment in Mtayleb
Apartment for sale, 305 sqm, 3rd floor, sea view, new, very high end finishing, located in...
Apartment for sale in Horch tabet, 181 sqm with 142 sqm terrace, 1st floor.
REF: RA444
Apartment in Horsh Tabet
Apartment for sale, 181 sqm, 1st floor with terrace 142 sqm, calm area, good condition, lo...
New duplex for sale in Badaro, 340sqm, 9th and 10th floors
Duplex in Badaro
Luxurious duplex for sale, 340 sqm, 9th and 10th floor, open view, located in Badaro. Comp...
Showroom in Wata El Mousaytbeh for sale, 240 sqm with closed parking 30 sqm.
REF: MG336
Showroom in Wata El Mousaytbeh
Showroom for sale in Wata El Mousaytbeh, 240 sqm with terrace and 30 meters facade doors, ...
Luxurious sea view apartment for sale in Achrafieh, Sassine area, 245 sqm, 4th floor.
REF: amh295
Apartment in Achrafieh Sassine
Luxurious apartment for sale, 245 sqm, 4th floor, sea view, calm residential street, new, ...
Luxurious apartment for sale 250 sqm, 4th floor located in Verdun.
REF: mg877
Apartment in Verdun
Luxurious apartment for sale 250sqm, 4th floor,located between Verdun and Qoreitem. Compri...
Office for sale in Badaro, Sami El soloh area, 136 sqm, 7th floor.
REF: NH176
Office in Badaro
Office for sale, 136 sqm, 7th floor, prime location, located in Badaro, Sami El Soloh. Com...