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Exclusive Sales & Marketing
MG342 - Flat For Rent In Beirut, Verdun, 20,000$ per year, 250sqm, 9th Floor.
MK683 - Furnished apartment for rent in Ain El Mreisseh, 150 sqm, 3rd floor.
MG716 - Apartment for sale, Sakiet El Janzir, Price 800,000$, 220 sqm, 5th floor.
MG737 - Luxurious Duplex for rent, 36,000$ Per Year, Ramlet El bayda, 472 sqm,9th and 10th floor.
AMH163 - Rare Apartment for Rent, 1600$ Per Month, Achrafieh, Sioufi, 220 sqm, 7th floor.
AMH407 - Beautiful Open View Apartment For Sale, Price 1,150,000$, 312sqm, 8th Floor.
AMH14 - Apartment for sale in Achrafieh, Sassine, Price 245,000$, 99 sqm, 1st floor.
MG838 - Warehouse For Rent In Verdun, 1000$ per month, 170sqm, Ground Floor
MG832 - Apartment For Sale In Tallet El Khayat, 450,000$, 185sqm, 4th Floor.
MG813 - Apartment For Rent In Tallet El Khayat, 220sqm, 1st Floor. $1,400 per month
AMH277 - 350,000$ Apartment For Sale in Achrafieh, 220sqm, -1 Floor.
MG523 - Luxurious apartment for rent in Beirut, Ramlet El Bayda area, 450 sqm, 6th floor.

For Rent
High end apartment for rent located in verdun (Unesco area), 365m, 12 floor.
REF: MG927
Apartment in Unesco
Luxurious apartment for rent 365sqm, 12th floor, located in Unesco main street. Comprising...
Beautiful furnished apartment for rent 100sqm 4th floor located in Hamra.
REF: MG931
Apartment in Hamra
Beautiful furnished apartment for rent 100sqm, 4th floor, located in Hamra (LAU) area. Com...
Apartment for Rent located in Mar Elias, 140sqm, 8th floor.
REF: MG725
Apartment in Mar Elias
Apartment for rent in Mar Elias, 140 m2, 8th floor, good location, calm street, open view...
Beautiful apartment for rent 130sqm 3rd floor located in Acharafieh Fassouh.
REF: MH431
Apartment in Achrafieh Fassouh
Apartment for rent 130sqm, 3rd floor, located in Acharafieh Fassouh in a very good conditi...
Nice Nursery for rent 400m +200m terrace 1st floor located in Hamra.
REF: mg928
Apartment in Hamra
Nice Nursery equipped for rent 400sqm + 200sqm terrace, 1st floor, located in Hamra, two e...
Duplex for rent 315sqm 5-6 floor located in Naccaceh.
REF: MH430
Apartment in Naccache
Sea view Duplex for rent 315sqm 5 6 floor located in Naccache. Comprising triple living an...
New apartment for rent 160m 4th floor located in Aciha Bakkar.
REF: MG930
Apartment in Aicha Bakkar
New apartment for rent 160sqm, 4th floor, located in Aicha Bakkar, 50meters from the main ...
Office or Clinic for rent 100m 9th floor located in new luxurious building, Geffinor area.
REF: MH427
Office in Hamra
Office or Clinic for rent 100 sqm, 9th floor. located in Geffinor area. Comprising big ent...
Luxurious Showroom for rent 1200sqm located in Mathaf area.
REF: MH423
Showroom in Mathaf
Showroom for rent 1200sqm + private parking (5 cars),on the main road, 3 facade doors, 3...
Resturant for rent 200 sqm, located in Achrafieh.
REF: mh424
Restaurant in Achrafieh Sassine
Resturant for rent located in Achrafieh,sassine area,200sqm,ground floor, divided in 2 lev...
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