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Exclusive Sales & Marketing
MG342 - Flat For Rent In Beirut, Verdun, 20,000$ per year, 250sqm, 9th Floor.
MK683 - Furnished apartment for rent in Ain El Mreisseh, 150 sqm, 3rd floor.
MG716 - Apartment for sale, Sakiet El Janzir, Price 800,000$, 220 sqm, 5th floor.
MG737 - Luxurious Duplex for rent, 36,000$ Per Year, Ramlet El bayda, 472 sqm,9th and 10th floor.
AMH163 - Rare Apartment for Rent, 1600$ Per Month, Achrafieh, Sioufi, 220 sqm, 7th floor.
AMH407 - Beautiful Open View Apartment For Sale, Price 1,150,000$, 312sqm, 8th Floor.
AMH14 - Apartment for sale in Achrafieh, Sassine, Price 245,000$, 99 sqm, 1st floor.
MG838 - Warehouse For Rent In Verdun, 1000$ per month, 170sqm, Ground Floor
MG832 - Apartment For Sale In Tallet El Khayat, 450,000$, 185sqm, 4th Floor.
MG813 - Apartment For Rent In Tallet El Khayat, 220sqm, 1st Floor. $1,400 per month
AMH277 - 350,000$ Apartment For Sale in Achrafieh, 220sqm, -1 Floor.
MG523 - Luxurious apartment for rent in Beirut, Ramlet El Bayda area, 450 sqm, 6th floor.

For Rent
Apartment for rent in Sakiet El Janzir, 320 sqm, 7th floor.
REF: MK859
Apartment in Sakiet El Janzir
Apartment for rent, 320 sqm, 7th floor, 1 apartment per floor, located in Sakiet El Janzir...
Apartment For Rent in Clemenceau, 250sqm, 1st Floor.
REF: MK916
Apartment in Clemenceau
Apartment for rent in Clemenceau, 250sqm, 1st floor, one apartment per floor. Comprising d...
Apartment for rent in Jnah, 350 sqm, 3rd floor.
REF: MK669
Apartment in Jnah
Spacious apartment for rent, 350 sqm, 3rd floor, located in Jnah. Comprising double living...
Furnished Sea View Apartment For Rent, 120sqm, 10th Floor.
REF: MK951
Apartment in Bliss
Furnished sea view apartment for rent, 120sqm, 10th Floor, located in Bliss area. Comprisi...
Furnished apartment for rent in Rawche, 260 sqm, 3rd floor.
REF: MG632
Apartment in Rawche
Furnished apartment for rent, 260 sqm, 3rd floor, very high end, located in Rawche. Compri...
AMH425 Rent duplex sea view
REF: amh425
Duplex in Achrafieh Mar Mitr
A unique duplex for rent in Achrafieh 5 mn walking distance from ABC 8 9th floor fully f...
Furnished apartment for rent 320sqm,7th floor, located in Rawche
REF: MG884
Apartment in Rawche
Furnished apartment for rent 320sqm, 7th floor, located in Rawche (shouran street), COmpri...
Beautiful Furnished Apartment For Rent In Hamra, 120sqm, 4th Floor.
REF: MK912
Apartment in Hamra
Beautiful furnished apartment for rent, 120sqm, 4th floor,close to AUB and LAU, equipped k...
Office for rent in Ain Mreisseh, 83sqm, 2nd floor.
REF: MK950
Office in Ain El Mreisseh
Office for rent in Ain Mreisseh, 83sqm,2nd floor, office building, close to Phoenicia Hote...
Furnished office for rent in Bliss, 250sqm.
REF: MK949
Office in Bliss
Furnished office for rent, 250sqm, few steps from street level with large glass ceiling e...
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