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Exclusive Sales & Marketing
MK 1 Baakline - House for sale in Baakline Shouf, 627sqm, 2 Floors.
MG311 - Luxurious apartment for sale 300sqm 9th floor located in Ain al-tineh.
MG716 - Apartment for sale, Sakiet El Janzir, Price 800,000$, 220 sqm, 5th floor.
MG737 - Luxurious Duplex for rent, 36,000$ Per Year, Ramlet El bayda, 472 sqm,9th and 10th floor.
AMH163 - Rare Apartment for Rent, 1600$ Per Month, Achrafieh, Sioufi, 220 sqm, 7th floor.
AMH407 - Beautiful Open View Apartment For Sale, Price 1,150,000$, 312sqm, 8th Floor.
AMH14 - Apartment for sale in Achrafieh, Sassine, Price 245,000$, 99 sqm, 1st floor.
AMH277 - 350,000$ Apartment For Sale in Achrafieh, 220sqm, -1 Floor.
MG523 - Luxurious apartment for rent in Beirut, Ramlet El Bayda area, 450 sqm, 6th floor.

For Sale
Apartment For Sale In koreitem, 320sqm, 3rd Floor.
REF: MG760
Apartment in Koreitem
Apartment for sale in Koreitem, 300sqm, 3rd floor. Comprising double living and dining are...
Apartment for sale 320sqm, 9th floor, located in Koreitem.
REF: mg874
Apartment in Koreitem
Luxurious apartment for sale 320sqm 9th floor, located in Koreitem. Comprising double livi...
Luxurious apartment for sale 276m 6th floor located in verdun.
REF: MG935
Apartment in Verdun
Luxurious apartment for sale 276sqm, 6th floor, located in Verdun. Comprising double livin...
New apartment for rent 340m 12th floor located in Ain El Mreisseh
REF: MG921
Apartment in Ain El Mreisseh
New apartment for rent 340sqm, 12th floor, located in Ain El Mriesseh, direct sea view. Co...
Apartment for sale in Achrafieh Abdel Wahab El Inglizi, 170sqm, 5th Floor.
Apartment in Achrafieh Abdel Wahab El Inglizi
Apartment for sale in Asharafieh, Abedel Wahab inglizi, 170sqm, 5th floor. This apartment ...
Loft for sale in Ashrafieh, Furn el Hayek, 172sqm, 5th floor.
Apartment in Achrafieh Furn El Hayek
This 172sqm luxurious loft is located on a 5th floor of a new project that is under constr...
New sea view apartment for sale in Ain El Mreisseh, 300 sqm, 1st floor.
REF: MG503
Apartment in Ain El Mreisseh
Very high end apartment for sale, 300 sqm, 1st floor, sea view, new, luxurious building, l...
Showroom in Wata El Mousaytbeh for sale, 240 sqm with closed parking 30 sqm.
REF: MG336
Showroom in Wata El Mousaytbeh
Showroom for sale in Wata El Mousaytbeh, 240 sqm with terrace and 30 meters facade doors, ...
Duplex for sale in Asrafieh Sodeco,
Duplex in Achrafieh Sodeco
Duplex for sale with an open view, new building, 320sqm, 7th floor, located in Ashrafieh S...
New apartment for sale in Ashrafieh Sodeco, 260sqm, 4th floor.
Apartment in Achrafieh Sodeco
Open view new apartment for sale in Sodeco area, 260sqm, 4th floor, located in Ashrafieh. ...
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